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                类型:经典句子▽摘抄 时间:2013年4月19日

                Dance and culture are inseparable from each other. With the further development of dance education, dance embodies the vitality of it is emotion, the unique emotional expression, dance is also reflected in the promotion of physical and mental development of a healthy body process. Human body from dance training. China has a long history of dance. Getting great achievements of athletics sports dance is the synthesis reflection of many factors. Sports dance is a new developed item.
                体育舞蹈是一项新兴的▲运动项目。人体美来自舞蹈々的训练,中国舞蹈的历史颇为悠久。舞蹈与文化密不可分。 舞蹈通常♀可解释为人类运用身体在时间和空间◆上的创造性活动的一种文化形式。舞蹈的编导创作是实践性的活动过程。
                Dance directing and creating is a practical process.This article focus on the historical development laws of manchu dance.
                The analysis of folk dance can not be isolated from its relevant cultural context.
                Dance is usually explained as a cultural activity created by human bodies in time and space.
                In recent years, dance sport has made rapid progress and subsequently entered into the college class.In the practice of medical treatment, various psychological diseases can be cured through physical movement and dance.
                Aim: to discuss the reasons, the application, and the treatment mechanism of dance psychological treatment.
                As the totem of the yi people ' s dances, the tiger dance is much paid attention to in academic circles.
                We study the nature, position and symptom of sports damages of sports dance players by investigation.
                Focusing on the problems of stage arrangement and motion clip connection, this article presents corresponding computer assisted solutions to dance production and arrangement.