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                Thank you!   Chief Justice Rehnquist, President Carter, President Bush, President Clinton, distinguished guests and my fellow citizens, the peaceful transfer of authority is rare in history, yet common in our country. With a simp……[阅读全文][英语演讲稿]


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              27. [英语演讲稿] 大学生英语〗演讲稿 Thank you! Chief Justice Rehnquist, President Carter, President Bush, Preside 2011-6-3
              28. [英语演讲稿] 学生英文演讲稿 With the development of society, harmony becomes the theme of this time. Everyo 2011-6-3
              29. [英语演讲稿] ReligiousBroadcasters会议英※文讲话稿 THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. (Applause.) Thank you all. Please be seated. Than 2011-6-3
              30. [英语演讲稿] Aboutbook小学△生书本英文演讲稿 Teacher schoolmates are nice: Today I need to say a few’s problem about book 2011-6-3
              31. [英语演讲稿] 考研英语学ω 习之谈 很多研友都∩说英语很头痛,说复习了很长时间都不见效果,为何?原因只∑ 有一个:方法不对!考研英语是难,但只要把握考研英语考试的特点和规律,采取正确的方法认真复习,拿6 2011-6-3
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