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                类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年5月4日


                Honorable judges, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

                It is a great honor and pleasure to be here on this beautiful Saturday morning to share with you my sentiments about life and passion for the English language.

                About a year and a half ago, I took part in my very first English Speech Contest. When I stood before the microphone with all eyes starring directly at me, I could hardly speak. I stood there, embarrassed and helpless, struggling in vain for the right thing to say. My fears had paralyzed me.

                While my passion for English has never changed, I lost my courage to speak in public. When my professor again encouraged me to take part in this Competition, I said “no.” I couldn’t endure yet another painful experience. He looked me straight in the eye and said something that pierced my heart. I will never forget his words. “Look,” he said, “We all have our fears, and you have yours. You could twist your ankle in a basketball game, but then be afraid to ever play again. Running away can never dispel your fears, but action will. A winner is not one who never fails,but one who never quits.”

                I spent a whole day with his words twisting and turning in my mind. Then I made the bravest and wisest decision of my life: I would face my fears – and take part in the competition!

                As it turned out, my dear old professor was right. Now, here I am, once again standing before a microphone. My heart is beating fast, and my mouth is dry, but most importantly, I have faced my fears -- and that makes all the difference!

                Thank you.


                Today I am very glad to be here to share with you my ideas of success. What is success? It is what everyone is longing for.Sometimes success would be rather simple. Winning a game is success; getting a high grade in the exam is success; making a new friend is success; even now I am standing here giving my speech is somehow also success.

                However, as a person’s whole life is concerned, success becomes very complicated. Is fortune success? Is fame success? Is high social status success? No, I don’t think so. I believe success is the realization of people’ s hopes and ideals.Nowadays, in the modern society there are many people who are regarded as the successful. And the most obvious characteristics of hem are money, high