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                类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年4月27日


                My name is Liuyizhuo , You can call me Peter. I’m eight years old.I have a round face and I have black hair.

                I’m a sunny boy.I like reading books and I like musictoo,I love my mum and dad.

                Today I say the story is < tadpole’s mummy >.

                Spring comes.(春天来了。)The tadpoles are missing their mummy.(小蝌蚪们想妈妈了。)They want to look for her.(他们要去∏找她。)

                A duck is coming.(一只鸭子游过来了。)


                The duck says:(鸭子说:)“Sorry,I’m not your mummy.

                (对不起,我不是你们的妈妈。)Your mummy has a white belly!(你们的妈妈有一↘个白肚皮!)”

                The tadpoles say:(小蝌蚪说:)“Thank you!Good-bye!”(“谢谢您!再见!”)

                A fish is coming.(一条∑鱼游过来了。)“Mummy,mummy!”(“妈妈,妈妈!”)The fish says:(鱼说:)“Sorry,I’m not your mummy.(对不起,我不是你们的妈妈。)

                Your mummy has two big eyes.(你们的妈妈有两只大眼睛。)”

                The tadpoles say:(小蝌蚪说:) “Thanks!Bye!”(“谢谢您!再见!”)

                A turtle is coming.(一只←乌龟游过来了。)“Mummy,mummy!”

                (“妈妈,妈妈!”)The turtle says:(乌龟说:)“Sorry,I’m not your mummy.(对不起,我不是你们的妈妈。)Your mummy wears a green dress.(你们的妈妈穿着一件绿↑衣服。)”The tadpoles say:(小蝌蚪说:)“Thanks a lot!See you!”(多谢您!回头见!)

                Jest then,(正在这时,)The frog is coming.(青蛙游过来了。)The tadpoles say:(小蝌蚪说:)“Mummy,mummy!”(“妈妈,妈妈!”)The frog says:(青蛙说:)“How are you,My babies!(你们好啊!我的宝贝!)I love you so much!(我是多么爱你们啊!)”


                she kindled a third match. again shot up the flame; and now she was sitting under a most beautiful christmas tree ,far larger, and far more prettily decked out, than the one she had seen last christmas eve through the glass doors of the rich merchant's house. hundreds of wax-tapers lighted up the green branches, and tiny painted figures, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down from the tree upon her. the child stretched out her hands towards them in delight, and in that moment the lights of the match warm quenched; still, however, the christmas candles burned higher and higher, she beheld them beaming like stars in heaven; one of them fell, the lights streaming behind it like a long, fiery tail.

                “now some one is dying,” said the little girl, softly, for she had been told by her old grandmother, the only person who had ever been kind to her, and who was now dead that whenever a star falls an immortal spirit returns to the god who gave it.

                she struck yet anoth