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                类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年5月13日



                结尾:OK,thank you for listening,that's all.(好了,谢谢各〒位的聆听,我的演讲结束了。)我参加过很多英语比赛,而这个是比较常用的,也能体现出你的修养,

                2.……honorable judges,distinguished guests,ladies and gentlemen,good evening!I feel really honored to stand here and make a speech.today I'm going to look together with you into this question:……


                3.Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the English Speaking Competition for ……First of all, please allow me to introduce myself 女士们,先生们,大▃家晚上好!欢迎来到………… 首先,请允许我介绍一下自己。


                -In conclusion, I'd like to…

                -I'd like to finish by…


                -By way of conclusion…

                -I hope I have made myself understood

                -I hope you have found this useful

                -I hope this has given you some idea/clear idea/an outline of…

                -Let me end by saying…

                -That, then was all I had to say on…

                -That concludes our presentation…

                -I hope I've managed to give you a clearer picture of…

                -If there are any questions, I'd be delighted to…

                -Thank you for your attention…

                -Let's break for a coffee at this point

                -I am afraid that the clock is against us, so we had better stop here

                -You have been a very attentive audience---thank you


                Our university is a famous academic center. The teaching staff are all learned professors. Many of them are world-wide known for their wide range of knowledge and charming personality. I respect my teachers! I admire my teachers! I love my teachers! Various activities are carried here. They not only bring me happiness but also improve myself. I meet with a lot of classmates and make a large number of friends. When I feel upset, the will give me a hand; when I am happy, I will share with them. The library has a large collection of books and I always lose myself in it. I believe they will benefit me a lot and are to broaden the roads of my future.

                I love you,****University! You are just a place which gives me warmth and strengths! You are my home!


                Supporting Beijing's bid is a systematic project that can support China'sdevelopment efforts.

                I believ