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                类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年5月6日


                hello! ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to meet you !i am gladthat you can spend this precious time having this class in thisafternoon.

                now please allow me to introduce myself to you .my name is wangjia and imajored in traffic engineering .baoji is my hometown it is verybeautiful. and the people are very friendly.

                as we all knowen thingking is easy acting is difficult and to putone's thoughts into actions is the most difficult thing in the world.

                so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak ,enjoy losing face or just forget your facebecause the more you speak the better your english will become,neverafraid ofmaking mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more progress you will make.as a man living in the world ,we must try our best to makeeach day our masterpiece and don't let our parents down ,don't ever letour country down ,most importantly don't let ourself down.

                yesterday is a memory tommorrow is a dream so live for todayjust do it right now.i believe if you can dream it you can make it ,ifyou do you will win if you don't you won't.believe in youself trustyouself try your best. don't give up ,never give in, never lose hope ,never say impossible .the success is coming ! thank you !


                The birds are feeding situation, sheep milk are kneeling grace. We, human, as masters of the universe, also there is gratitude, gratitude. Thanksgiving is the source of power, love of the root, the courage of the. Let us learn to Thanksgiving, harvested in different life.

                First of all, we should be grateful for our parents. Because the love of parents, we came to this world. We live to love, love is to carry out, let the world be full of love, let the world is full of gratitude. Our parents, not only because they brought us to this world, but because they are selfless love, has raised us up, the education of our life, our responsibility, share the burden, happy with our happiness. Parents, is our life will always be the one, even if we always with gratitude.

                Then, we want to live a life of gratitude. Because of life, let us grow. In this process, we may experie