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                Honourable judges and friends,

                Good morning! i am very glad to be here to share my college life with you .

                Two years ago, i came into this city of and started my college life , the most memorable journey of my life. i was just a shy and little girl that time. all the things seemed fresh to me: new faces, large library and physics lab etc. i breathed the air of college greedily, i was curious about everything.the class given by the teachers are excellent.they provide us with information not only from our textbook but from other sources as well.i actively involved in student union and varies of association. but soon i realized that i do not make full use of my spare time ,so i got a part-time job to help a junior student with math lessons besides,i also took part in activities concerning public welfare. we taught the kids there who could not afford school, i was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us--future teachers. the enrichment of experience taught me the significance of modesty,responsibility,tolerance,and perseverance.

                and now i have been here two years. recalling to the two years, i think i have to talk about one thing--learning. learn how to study independently, learn how to get along with others, learn to love, learn to… oh, there are too much things we have to learn.

                comparing with senior high school, college is a rather different place. there aren’t so many people to watch you and guide you how to do something any more, neither are there so many students who share with you one dream. in college, you must think and study yourself, so you have to learn and practice to control yourself.

                another relationship in college is friendship. my roommates have lived two years with me. in these years, they forgive my faults, cry with me, laugh with me, play with me… they always stand with me and support me, i have learned a lot from them. i love them all and treasure the friendship with them.

                in the next 2 years,i’ll try my best to and make great contributions to society! that’s my college life. i cherish all i have experienced in college. i love you, my college!

                that’s all, thank you!