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                类型:英语演讲稿 时间:2016年6月27日


                Good morning everyone, Before my speech, I want to ask one question, what do you eat this morning? Yeah, food is present in our life every time. So today my topic is how do we eat on campus?

                1,In China there is an old saying: Bread is the staff of life. The Chinese meaning is 民以食为Ψ天。Obviously, it means food plays a decisive role in our daily life, Food safety is a matter of primary importance , The issue is closely related to ordinary people’s health.

                2, As we know, The food safety is a serious problem in china, and on campus ,the matter is also exist, and the unhealthy food harm our health everyday. For example, in the morning, you buy a donut ['d?un?t] for breakfast, and likely, the donut is made by drainage oil; and when you hungry you buy kebab, it may be dealed with chemical materials. So even on campus, we also should improve food safety awareness.

                3, The unhealthy food seriously harm our body, it can cause different kinds of diseases, from a headache to cancer, This is not a threat, some unhealthy food, Containing various additives. And which give a tremendous threat to us. Some unhealthy food will make us ill, such as diarrhea、stomach ache and other disease of digestive tract. Some food additives use chemical materials to make food looks better, but it will carcinogenic in a long time.

                4, Due to food safety is important in our life, so there so many things waiting for the government to do. (问1) First, Strengthening food safety legislation , and use the experiences of developed countries. Strongly punish criminal for food safety. Second, our government should promote food safety knowledge, to rise people’s of self-protection.

                5, What is more, as a postgraduate, we also should do more on food safety. First of all, we should learn some essential common sense about safety food, and learn to recognize the unhealthy food by ourselves. ( 问2) second,do not covet petty gain,in normal situation, the food price is stable, when you see a abnormal price, be carefull ! Last, everyone should have awareness of unhealthy food, raise the sense of prevention.

                Though the food safety situation is bad, but I still believe through the joint efforts of government and all communities, We finally will eat the security food


                Nowadays, unsafe foods can be found, now and then, in the market, which has aroused a lot of p